Our experts focus on delivering predictable and consistent airfreight solutions while providing proactive communication throughout the entire process. Preferential access to aircraft capacity worldwide allows us to customize supply chain solutions for optimal routing, pricing, and delivery speed.
What We Do
● Provide door-to-door solutions by dedicated, highly trained, and customer-focused employees.
● Produce customized solutions to meet customer needs.
● Access preferential capacity through a stratified group of airline service providers.
Core & Value-Added Services
General cargo consolidation Express / time sensitive airfreight Direct airline services Peak period capacity solutions Temperature control Sea+Air / Air+Sea Charter Oversize Dangerous Goods
Our Carrier Partners
As a non-asset based logistics provider, IGI depends greatly on the performance of our carrier partners to help us deliver a high-quality, competitive and integrated service for our customers.  These airline partners align with our network and strategy, and share our focus on technology, compliance and sustainability. IGI leverages our global tonnage to secure competitive pricing, access preferential capacity, and create a well-defined engagement that provides consistent and predictable service for our customers.
Case Study
We established our expertise in finished vehicles by air as we effectively managed the transportation of air shipments of six new model vehicles and one vehicle body from China to Japan. The focus on the launch of a new vehicle required close attention to Pak Suzuki’s demands and deadline commitments. The handling of prototypes with utmost care was crucial to ensuring that parts were damage-free and secured in transit.
Sea+Air / Air+Sea
Our Sea+Air shipping services for savings over straight airfreight shipments, all while maintaining reasonable transit times. Combining Sea+Air shipping service can also help you gain better transit and performance times, simplify shipment documentation, and gain visibility over global tracking and reporting.
Temperature Controlled Technology
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We understand the critical nature of biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device cargo. Our attention to detail, culture of customer service and sense of urgency are the key components to executing our customers' temperature controlled supply chain requirements.​ IGI Temperature Controlled Program is supported by technology and a qualified process that ensures all shipments are processed in a globally reproducible, repeatable, and measurable manner.

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