container yard
special warehousing
distribution logistics
changing packaging
sorting and packaging
GPS positioning
order management
barcode management
Timeliness advantage
Global warehousing, local delivery, better timeliness, peak season can also guarantee normal timeliness.
Price advantage
IGI integrates the advantageous resources of air, land and sea transportation, and reduces the total logistics cost by 30% - 70%.
Service advantages
110 countries, 280 ports and cities. 900 staffs professional service team, special guidance, and support the return service.
Operational advantages
IGI has more than 20 years international shipping logistics experience, more than 10 years of cross-border warehousing operation experience, to understand customer needs and bottlenecks. Ensure the safety of goods and control the whole chain.
Value added service advantages
We provide supply chain finance, transportation, foreign exchange settlement, inspection and other supporting services.

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